To Bob or Not To Bob???

So I’m not a long hair girl but not a short hair girl either. I am a medium hair kinda girl. And there has never been a better time for medium or even shorter hair than now!!! The whole world seem to be crazy about bobs and lobs (longer bob). Even your extreme long hair girl Kim K went for a lob! How courageous of her lol. In Hollywood lobs are getting even shorter, blunter and edgier. The days of long muttered hair extensions seemed to be well and truly over (or at least over for now).

Bobs are easy, feminine, sophisticated, classy as well as sexy. Even younger girls are opting for it now! And the possibilities to style it are endless : straight and slick, curly, wavy, messy, half up or even in a braid or a pony if its a lob. Bobs and lobs suit any face and head shape and can be blunt or textured depending on the hair type and desired look. You can keep your bob or lob a solid colour or add some dimension with high and low lights or balayage or ombre. Bangs or no bangs. Anything goes when it comes to this fabulous hair style.

And don’t be scared to experiment. It’s only hair it grows.

Here are some celebs that crossed over to the “short” side.

P.s I’m lobing it soon too!!!

Lob Naomi

Lob JenLaw