That Wedding Cake Rock

Wedding Cake Rock has become a real Instagram sensation as of late and been causing me major Insta envy for a while now. And finally I got it together and visited this much talked about location.

Getting to this smooth white sandstone natural beauty is not very easy but oh so worth it! 3 km walk in 30 degree heat through mud and terrain is not for the faint hearted (after all Australian snakes are the most venomous in the world). You can make a few pits stops along the way to take a break and enjoy picturesque views of the coastline. However save all your excitement and camera batteries for the gem that Wedding Cake Rock is. Perfect lines and layers and the colour so white against the deep blue ocean water is a truly breathtaking scenery.

For the perfect shoot make sure to wear something very flowy and colourful, something that really pops against the background. Bring your outfits in a backpack and wear comfortable sports gear and walking shoes. Leave your high heels at home as you won’t be able to walk through the bush in them. I also don’t think it is safe to wear stilettos on top of the rock. And of course don’t forget sun protection and a bottle of water.

Kaftans – Camilla

Sunglasses – Linda Farrow

Calf – McQueen



DSC04897 DSC04987