St. Petersburg – My “Soul City”

I first visited St. Petersburg when I was 10 and instantly fell in love with it’s captivating beauty. It was then when I realized I belonged there and that’s where I wanted to live. I made it happen by getting into St. Petersburg State University and made a move at a tender age of 16. Those 5 years spent in St. Petersburg are truly the best years of my life and this city always holds a special place in my heart.

St. Petersburg has more renowned museums, theaters and architectural landmarks than any other city in the world. It is often called “Venice of the North” for it’s numerous canals and rivers and beautiful bridges. But I won’t be making this post a tour guide.

What I think really makes this city so attractive (of course besides the most beautiful scenery and “white nights” in summer) it is it’s people. And that’s why I keep coming back – this is where I made friendships that have lasted for over 15 years now. St. Petersburg feels like home though I have been away for over a decade now. It is my “soul’ city – a place where I feel most at home.

Wearing Maticevski dress, Sergio Rossi shoes and Balmain blazer.

Photography by @youhnev