Shooting with a Toddler

I won’t be blahbing on for hours here on how amazing it is to be a mother (let’s leave it to mummy bloggers) – we all know it is. That unconditional crazy love and desire to do protect our off-spring on every conscious and subconscious level of our being – sounds familiar doesn’t it? We all adore our kids and are blessed to have them. However we do not live in the perfect world and motherhood as any journey in life is challenging. There bad and good days – these little creatures know how push our buttons from a very young age. We all have bad days and if you are a mum and never had a bad day I’d love to personally meet you and shake your hand!

However let’s not dwell on it and be negative and talk about some of the fun things we get to do with our kids – dressing in matching outfits and take photos! Shooting with an active toddler isn’t easy so preparation is key.

Make sure to plan the photo shoot at the time you know your child isn’t going to be tired (they are all different and you know your child best).

Have them well fed or give a snack before you start. We didn’t so Amina is eating in half of the photos from the day which is actually kind of cute lol

Leave an extra half an hour on top of your usual “getting ready time” in case there a few to many tantrums to deal with. And even ask someone to come over and help you ( mum, mum in law, friend or whoever is available). They can also then entertain the child during the shoot.

Choose the location before hand. Sometimes us bloggers like to test shoot and try a few locations – impossible with a toddler.

Most of all have fun creating memories and don’t stress. Turn it into a bit of a game for your little one and you are guaranteed to get the best snaps!

Photography by Marina Stakhin from Murlitas Photography

Amina and I both wearing Zimmermann playsuits and Bondi Beach Baby hats

Pram is Joolz Day 2 in Graphite