My Pregnancy Style

My final week of pregnancy has creeped up slowly but surely and I seriously can’t believe that this time next week I will have a baby and not a baby bump. The time has gone by fairly fast and I felt healthy and energetic so there was no way I was going to sit on the couch in my pyjamas eating ice cream all day. And if this is what you or someone you know is doing by choice or simply isn’t feeling well enough to do anything else I’m not going to judge as I completely understand that no 2 pregnancies are the same and some women really struggle and feel very phisycally and emotionally drained. I’m also not here to give pregnancy advice since I’m not a doctor however one thing I’m sure about is that you should do what’s good for your soul and what makes you happy. And so it happens that dressing up makes me happy and isn’t a chore even today at 39 weeks pregnant.

I was actually quiet excited about experimenting with my style and adapting to my changing body shape and dressing up “the bump” in non traditional ways. Also along the way I found a few stereotypical facts to be not true and some outrageously brave combinations working a treat. Again everyone is different and not everything that worked for me will work for someone else or suit other body shapes but I figured that sharing my experience could help or at least inspire others to try out different looks. Here are 4 of my pregnancy wardrobe staples that are easy to wear, style and are also very flattering (trust me you want that even more when you are pregnant)

  1. Bodycon Skirts

If you follow my blog or Instagram you probably noticed a few trusted skirts I wore from quiet early in my pregnancy ( I was the “lucky” one who showed early). I bought a few from Kookai that are just a simple tube stretchy type skirts and worn them with various tops, they also look great with blazers and winter jackets.

Skirt – Kookai


Skirt – Sass and Bide


Skirt Kookai


2. Bodycon Dresses

Since I’m not very curvy but my stomach was on a larger side I quickly realised that flowy and baggy dresses and tops didn’t work and made me look even bigger (last thing you want and especially when pregnant) so I stuck by my beloved bodycon dresses as they always suited my shape pregnant or not. The key here I think is to chose soft jersey fabric with not too tight fit and keep it in a block colour without prints or stripes.

Dress – Pea in a Pod Maternity


Dress – Kookai

Amalia !_-5

Dress – Seraphine Maternity


Dress – Pea in a Pod Maternity

Amalia Blog-18

3. Coates and Dusters

I found longer coats and dusters extremely flattering since they elongate and slim down the silhouette and are also not restrictive or tight. Easy to through over a dress or jeans.

West – Zara

Shirt – Pea in a Pod Maternity



Coat – Zara

Amalia Blog-6

Vest – Seed Heritage


Duster – Zara


4. Maternity Jeans

As I said I showed early and couldn’t wear my jeans from about 4th month of the pregnancy and to be honest thought I would struggle finding cool maternity jeans. I was mistaken. Here is a stereotype out the window! There are so many great maternity brands out there now and the denim that they offer is on path with non maternity styles. A lot of them aren’t pricy either so investing in a pair or two is totally worth it. H&M has some great jeans in lots of different washes and cuts and Pea in a Pod Maternity (my absolute favourite) jeans are super comfortable and fit amazingly.

Jeans – H&M Maternity


Jeans – H&M Maternity


Jeans – H&M Maternity


Jeans and Shirt – Pea in a Pod Maternity