My First Ever Make Up Tutorial Video

Hi everyone and I hope you all had or having a wonderful Christmas!!!

I am so excited I have finally filmed my very first make up tutorial and am presenting for your strict judgement (well hopefully not too strict hehe). I am not a trained make up artist however I am just as passionate about make up, beauty and hair as I am about fashion. I really enjoy doing my make up as well as other peoples and hopefully I will inspire you or even teach you a trick or two :)

I have also created my own YouTube channel and I am yet to figure out how to use it. I will be dedicating a lot of my holiday time to improving video quality as well as learning how to edit videos so if you have any tips for me please fire away I will really appreciate it :)

This is a super easy, wearable colorful party or evening make up with a bit of glitter of course to make it even more festive. I tried to keep it as simple as possible with product and brush selection just because I know how annoying it can be sometimes when you don’t have a lot of time or don’t want to invest into certain eye shadow colours or make up pieces (brushes, highlighters etc). My plan is to post one more party look tutorial maybe even including hair styling before New Year’s eve to get you all in the party mood!

I really hope you enjoy watching this very first video of mine :)