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Let me make it official – I had my baby! My beautiful baby girl Amina was born on the 29th of June two days before my scheduled C-section. I didn’t want to write a blog on my birth story since it was a planned caesarean which isn’t really all that exciting. The plan usually is – check into the hospital early in the morning and wait for your turn with much anticipation. Wasn’t the case.

First of all on the 1st of July I would have been 39 weeks and 5 days pregnant so the chances of going into labour were very high. However because it is my first baby I was expected to “hang in there” until the planned date.

Although I made my decision to have a caesarean I felt weird choosing my child’s date of birth and secretly hoped she herself would decide when to come into this world. And so it happened! I didn’t do anything in particular to bring on the labour I was just my active self and walked every day and carried on with my day to day responsibilities.

Back to the birth story. On the 29th of June I woke up around 5.30 am as I heard the aircon go off that I set on timer the night before. Strangely I couldn’t go back to sleep and in about 20n minutes felt something which I guessed was a contraction. I was getting Braxton Hicks contractions for a while at that point of my pregnancy and thought it might be it but still decided to time it as it was a bit stronger this time. Next contraction came in 45 minutes and had the same intensity. From then on they escalated to every 20 minutes for about an hour and became a bit more painful. Mind you I was still oblivious to the fact that my labour has well and truly started. I imagined the pain being way more intense and since I was always going to have a C-section I never went to birthing classes. My mum who came over from Russia for the birth and to help me out and who is a gynaecologist was still asleep and I felt like I still had a lot of time and didn’t want to wake her. That’s until the contractions became very frequent – every 10 minutes and very soon about every 7 minutes in less that an hour. I figured I shouldn’t wait any longer and called the hospital and was told to make my way there right away. When I woke mum up she was like “are you crazy why did you wait for so long we need to go now” and off we went. I still couldn’t believe it was happening and I wasn’t on the floor dying from pain. Mum said it becomes really painful towards the end plus luckily my pain threshold is high.

I checked into the hospital and got taken into the birthing suit for all the formalities that went really fast. My doctor and anaesthetist were there waiting and as soon as paper work was done I got taken into the theatre, given an epidural and laid on the surgical table all before I even got a chance to realise what was going on. I was nervous just very excited to finally see this little human that lived inside of me for the last 10 months. And just like that she was out with a loud cry and put on my chest and the miracle happened… I couldn’t speak from the overwhelming sensation of love and happiness that came over me like a tsunami wave. I could hear mum and my husband and everyone else in the theatre but as if me and little Amina weren’t there. It was like we were in our own world. I knew this would be a powerful feeling but never guessed how powerful it can be.

We stayed in the hospital for 5 days because I did in fact have a major surgery but it all went really well for both the baby and I. So the time in the hospital was well spent learning basic baby care skills. Still a lot to learn but I am discovering something new every day and loving every single minute with my little one.

Moving on to the subject of fashion I am thrilled to fit into regular jeans again! I can now wear all the funky distressed denim I was lusting over the last 6 months. And that is why my first look after giving birth is the classic ripped jeans, cozy sweater and white sneakers combo. Perfect mummy uniform me thinks.

Jeans – Zara

Sweater – Cos Stores

Sneakers – Adidas

Bag – Dior

Sunnies – Ray Ban

Bangle – Jolie and Dean

Shot by Anastasia Fua

Amalia Double bay-58

Amalia Double bay-54

Amalia Double bay-60

Amalia Double bay-61

Amalia Double bay-60