More Is More

If you follow my blog you know I like my outfits over the top. Over the top with details that is. I don’t necessarily believe into less is more approach to styling and that there has to be one key piece of the outfit (though when you are time poor that is the best strategy). Taking risks and styling a few statement pieces withing the same look can work if a few basic rules are applied.

  1. Follow a colour scheme – by staying in the similar colour pallet you eliminate the risk of looking like a walking Christmas tree.
  2. Have at least 1 plain piece incorporated in the outfit full of statements. It will make the key items stand out from one another.
  3. Experiment with different textures – always a good one when creating a unique look.
  4. Be confident – we are all individuals and our style reflects our personalities.

Btw are you just as in love with this Chanel cufff as I am? I was eyeing it out for a long time and am so excited to finally own it. Actually same goes for the Bulgari bag. My new go to statement pieces.

Skirt – Balmain

Top – Bec&Bridge

Calf – Chanel

Shoes – Aquazzura

Bag – Bulgari

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AMALIA JAN 2017-15

AMALIA JAN 2017-21

AMALIA JAN 2017-19

AMALIA JAN 2017-17