Making An Appearance

Time for a blog post but my mind is completely empty… Hello mummy brain!!! I used to laugh at people that couldn’t hold a conversation for longer than 2 minutes without drifting of to baby land (or micro sleep) and had partial memory loss. That’s me now. I became one of those people. I also baby spam on social media. And send photos of my baby to everyone in my contact list. The only place that so far has been baby free was my blog and I decided it’s about time  little miss A made and appearance. I can’t promise that once the cherry is popped spam won’t occur #sorrynotsosorry but what I can promise is that I have a few new kick us outfits to share over the next couple of weeks so stay tuned.

Top – Balmain

Jeans – Frame Denim

Shoes – Valentino

Bag – Tom Ford

Sunglasses – Linda Farrow

Bangle – Saint Laurent