Ivadore Tanning and Skincare

I first came across Ivadore products whilst looking for more natural alternatives in tanning products. I also wanted to achieve sun kissed complexion without looking orange and stricky. I used to love spray tans in the past but now the thought of spending the night all sticky, waking up with orange palms and feet and smelling of tan for the next 3 days no matter how many times I shower terrifies me. Not to mention the whole process of it fading in patches and having to exfoliate till your skin bleeds. I have been experimenting with a few at home tanning products for a while. Now that I am pregnant it also needs to be natural.

Ivadore tanning treatment is not just a tanning lotion but also a skin treatment that helps to fight aging, leaves the skin youthful, toned and hydrated as well as glowing and sun kissed. Naturally derived tanning agent extracted from red-raspberry together with other organic ingredients guarantees streak free natural looking results and no nasty smell! I do really enjoy using this product.


I then discovered that Ivadore had a natural skincare range as well. It is a 3 product range out of which I am currently using two products – Nurture Boost and Protect antioxidant serum “Feature it” Dragons Blood Nourish and Balance and Love Deluxe Oil Treatment “Feature it” War on Red for congested, oily and problematic skin.

Having quiet oily and congested skin I was scared of now very popular oil treatments (and all moisturizers for that matter). However even the oiliest skin needs moisture and sometimes that could be all it needs. Combination of the Antioxidant serum with its antibacterial and healing properties and Love Deluxe oil treatment helps balance and dissolve excess sebum in the skin while adding essential nutrients that are derived from organic indigents to balance and nourish the skin. Both products also fight aging processes and leave the skin feeling plump and rejuvenated.

If you love great organic Australian made skincare this range is definitely the one to try.