How to Wear Colour

If you have been following my blog it’s not a secret to you that I love colour. My wardrobe is like a Middle Eastern bazaar full of bright, bold or printed and shiny pieces. I have always felt comfortable wearing colour weather it is clothing, accessories or make up. Don’t get me wrong I love a good black on black or a monochrome combo but bright colours lift up my spirit on a day to day basis and also look good in photos lol

I do however understand that wearing colour can be scary and intimidating for some as it requires a lot more planning and “putting together” for the look to work. The easiest way to wear brights I think is to choose a statement piece in colour you like and surround it by neutrals like black, white, beige or grey. Statement piece can be as small as a clutch or an item of jewelry to start you off and make you feel comfortable. From there if you are feeling adventurous you can go into colour blocking which I also love. And remember rules are great but your individuality is greater.

In this look the skirt is of course a dominating piece with it’s beautifully embellish in built belt. Bright pink or fuchsia tones have always been my favorite I can’t get enough. Black top and accessories were the way to go with this stunning state of art skirt to really make those details of the belt pop.

Skirt – Elisabetta Franchi

Top – Bec&Bridge

Shoes – Windsorsmith

Clutch – Prada

Sunglasses – Roberto Cavalli

Bangle – Saint Laurent


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