Having a Moment

A fellow blogger, stylist and mumma Shannon Johnson from Living for Style contacted me last week asking to give a short interview for her blog about my style and how it evolved since becoming a mum. It got me thinking – did my style change or stayed the same? Having a child is the most remarkable life changing event – being a mother is beautiful but do you have to change your style? Is there a particular “mumsy” way of dressing that you need to adopt?

Luckily I was back in my old clothes as soon as we got home from the hospital all thanks to staying active and fit during pregnancy (please let me know if you are interested in me doing a post on how I kept fit during pregnancy). All those favorite pieces I couldn’t wear in the second half of my pregnancy I was absolutely dying to get into after the baby was out. So no my style hasn’t changed. I still love dressing up and being me. And one advise I can give to new mums out there is to make an effort and dress up a little. I know very well how short on time and tired you are but when I looked good it made me feel a lot more like “I’ve got this motherhood gig”. Just because you take care of yourself, look good, get a babysitter and have an odd night out doesn’t mean you don’t love your child. Sometimes all you need is a moment to remember who you really are.


Zimmerman skirt

Bec & Bridge top

Aquazzura shoes

DVF clutch

Dior sunglasses

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