Grey on Grey (and a bit of black)

Yey for my first maternity pair of jeans! Who would have though this day would come haha Oh well just gotta embrace it I figured. I have never felt the desire to wear jeans stronger than right now thanks to all my Instagram pals flaunting their coolest denim numbers. Isn’t always the way – we want what we can’t have!

While I’m on a hunt for a perfect pair for the “after” for now I will settle for the best of what’s available in maternity ranges. These are humble H&M in dark grey or washed black. Very stretchy and soft.

Oh an the shoes! Yes the shoes!!! One of those pairs I don’t put on very often but love them when I do!

Jeans – H&M

T-shirt – Bassike

Cape – Zara

Purse – Chanel

Shoes – YSL

Sunglasses – Dior