Golden Slipper 2015 – What to Wear to the Races

I love races! Not only is it a great day out with friends, placing bets and drinking champagnes but also is a reason to get all dressed up. Races equals fashion! So much thought goes into putting together a racing outfit as there is a strict dress code to follow. A head piece or a hat has to be made out of Β felt and not straw, closed toe shoes, knee length skirt or dress, no cleavage showing. Keeping all of this in mind coming up with the outfit that shows off current trends as well as your character, style and individuality is not an easy task.

Fashions on the field parade is almost as important as the main race and can get the winner a whole lot of cash and prizes. The Golden Slipper is probably the biggest race in Sydney and Fashions on the field event attracts a great amount of Sydney fashionistas. This year Nicole Richie was nominated to be an international ambassador and a judge of Fashions on the field at the Golden Slipper Day.

All of the entrants looked beautiful, classy and very different from one another however of course they all followed the dress code to a t. Soft grey, pantone, maroone, red and black tones dominated the runway, as well as pop of green and navy. In terms of head wear the old trend “the bigger the better” has been replaces by a compact facsinator with a detailed feature or even a crown like Grecian metal head pieces and animal theme of cat and bunny ears is still quite strong.

My outfit or “50 shades of grey” as a friend of mine has called it is quite simple and in grey tones with a pop of blue. I have also followed the dress code (maybe not as fanatically since I wasn’t entering a competition). I kept my accessories and jewelry quite simple in order to show off my skirts unusual print and texture as well as the cute little cat ears I chose to wear as my head piece. Hope you like it πŸ™‚

Top and Skirt – Manning Cartel

Shoes – Saint Laurent

Bag and earings – Christian Dior

Hair piece – Lovisa

Bangle – Hermes

H&M – by yours truly