Eyelash Extensions – A Must Have For Party Season

I have been a big fan of eyelash extensions for many years now and get them done regularly. They are especially great for when you travel as they free you from tedious make up routine and give you more time to enjoy the vacation and make you look great in photos with a minimum effort.

During the party season eyelash extensions are my number one beauty must have. At this time of the year everything gets crazy busy and this is when you also want to look your best in the least amount of time possible. Eyelash extensions make such a difference, not only you don’t need to apply mascara but even eyeliner is not really necessary!

Painless procedure only takes around 60-90 depending of the fullness of the set desired and requires an infill or a re-lash every 3 weeks and only takes 30-45 min. No special care required apart from the use of oil free mascara (if needed or desired) and oil free make up remover.

It is very important to use a quality product and I chose Xtreme Lashes many years ago and swear by it. Glue and lashes are hypoallergenic and you will never feel any irritation or discomfort. I encourage you to get eyelash extensions if you haven’t before and will be interested to hear you opinions.

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Here are my before and after pics

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