Derby Day 2018

Oh boy it has been a while between the posts! Life got busy – there are a couple of projects I have been juggling this year but it is exciting to be posting on the blog again and reconnecting.

As many of you might know, this time of year has got to be my favorite. So many opportunities to get dressed up and put those styling skills to good use.

Party season in Australia kicks off with Melbourne Cup Carnival. 4 race days in one week – what a blast! When it comes to entertainment and fashion Melbourne Cup Carnival is the ultimate showcase of class and elegance. It is a huge part of Australian culture and tradition, most certainly worth admiration.

This year as per my own little tradition hubby and I headed to Melbourne to attend Derby Day race. It is the first race day of Melbourne Cup Carnival and in my opinion the most stylish one. With it’s monochromatic dress code it can seem dull at the first glance but it is anything but.

My approach to styling a Derby Day outfit is simple – obey the monochromatic rule but don’t be afraid to add a little colour and incorporate your own personal touch. If you are a pants girl wear a well tailored pantsuit or a jumpsuit. If you are a lover of colour like me sneak some in in your accessories, hair or make up. I went with pink hair for a pop of colour this year for something different.

My dress is an elegant body hugging laser cute dress by Dion Lee which has classic and plain silhouette. So to juzz things up I went with this unorthodox straw hat from Cult Gaia. Also for something different. As much as I love traditional racing millinery I felt like adding an elaborate head wear will be more reflective of my personality.

My open toe shoes by Aquazurra are also a rule breaker, though if you ask me I consider the rule of closed toe shoe for the races very outdated. Back to the shoes – block hill for the win! My feet didn’t hurt even after the after party. Definitely backed a winner there!

Last but not least the hospitality of G.H. Mumm marquee was as always top notch. Free flowing G.H. Mumm champagne and the most exquisite food of this year’s Space Odyssey theme as well as the entertainment of live band and dancers made this marquee the most desirable place to be. Looking forward to next year already!

Wearing dress by Dion Lee, hat by Cult Gaia, Aquazurra shoes and a Chanel bag.