Bump Styling

It was once OK to let yourself go and not dress up or put any effort into your style or appearance the day you find out you are pregnant. Even though at first they didn’t look any different women were expected to make a drastic switch to “I no longer care what I look like” style and attitude. Almost like the society had this opinion that the moment you find out you are pregnant you need to gain 10kg in one day and never move from the couch until the day you give birth. I mean there is nothing wrong with any of that but being a fashionista that I am I still want to dress up and look the part.

These days however it is becoming more “acceptable” to look stylish and well put together during pregnancy. And by that I mean not just getting a pair of maternity jeans and a couple of baggy tops but pushing the boundaries of pregnancy style by adapting on trend and fashion forward pieces to your changing body.

Since I blog predominantly about fashion I owe it to you to keep my posts interesting and inspiring for everyone and understand that not all of you are at this point in life so I promise not to bore you with pregnancy related issues. No need to feel bad trust me I couldn’t care less about other people’s pregnancies before I got there myself. And if you have experience on the matter of bump styling please do share what’s worked for you.

Top and Skirt – Sass & Bide

Shoes and Bag – Tom Ford

Bangle – Saint Laurent