Back On Track or My Postpartum Fitness Journey

I wanted to talk about postpartum recovery for a while and now that my daughter is almost one it’s time to share the journey of getting my pre pregnancy body back.

Getting back into fitness routine after having a baby is not easy. Finding time and energy to exercise whilst looking after a young baby is definitely challenging, tiredness and lack of motivation don’t help either. So I think you need to start when you are ready and if you are keen to get back into it as soon as possible make sure you have your doctors clearance.

Another important thing to rule out is abdominal separation or Diastasis Recti. It is a very common condition that affects one in 3 women and occurs during pregnancy when the stomach muscles cannot stretch any further and come apart. And that is exactly what happened to me – 3 finger abdominal separation.

Weak and poor functioning core muscles can lead to back injury and that’s definitely not something I wanted after having slipped disc a few years ago. Having to carry the baby and lift the pram several times a day I simply couldn’t afford to have a back injury. So I started off with seeing a specialized women’s health physio professional. I strongly recommend every woman sees one after giving birth. It is the only way to receive a proper diagnosis of Diastasis Recti and pelvic floor issues. Thankfully I did not have pelvic floor problems since I had a cesarean delivery but my abdominal separation definitely need to be worked on. So I was given a set of exercises to do for 6 weeks to strengthen those deep core muscles.

When I went back to see the physio in 6 weeks my core stability has improved and I was able to start equipment mums and bubs pilates classes. These are a great to build that initial strength back before you hit the gym. So I did those for 3 month.

I then started back at the gym however was worried about causing my new body more harm than good. And that’s when one of the trainers at my gym (who is a mother herself and understands the importance of getting Diastasis Recti issue taken care of) recommended I spoke to Tammy who is a personal trainer and specializes in pre and post natal fitness.

After meeting with Tammy for an assessment she quickly identified what my weaknesses were and built a program to suit my needs and set realistic expectations. It wasn’t “train hard 6 days a week and only eat chicken and broccoli” kind of program. It was tailored to my “new mum” lifestyle. And that’s the difference between a regular pt and the one that is qualified and specializes in post natal fitness. Not only that Tammy has vast knowledge and experience in post natal fitness ( and fitness in general) and is there to make sure you perform each and every exercise correctly she is also there to support and empower new mums through giving them their body confidence back.

After nearly 4 months of training with Tammy twice a week I couldn’t be happier with the results. My stomach muscles have come together and I am getting so much stronger without any injuries. And my bum is no longer a pancake!

So my advise to all new mums wanting to start exercising again please do it with a professional by your side. This will be the safest and most effective way to get you back on track.

You can contact Tammy and read her very helpful here

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