At A Glance

At a certain point in life there comes a time to reevaluate – friendships, relationships, career. It is very easy to get caught up in the routine and forget the real purpose of why we chose to do what we are doing.

My decision to start blogging was based on an overwhelming desire to share my love for fashion and beauty and my personal style and take on trends and therefore inspire and give confidence to my readers and supporters to own their individual style. To me being a fashion blogger means so much more than playing dress ups and trying to get that perfect shot that will get thousands of likes on Insta. Staying authentic can be a challenge in the ever competitive world of social media but as bloggers we owe it to our readers to stay true to ourselves because that is the reason why they support us on the first place.

Healthy competition can be motivational but there is a fine line between that and comparing yourself to other bloggers. We are all different and it is beautiful.

I am forever grateful to Insta and blogging community for making my dreams reality and an opportunity to meet and work with some amazingly creative and like minded people.

Photography by Marina @murlitas